Today I would like to introduce you to our new PRETTY PINK family member: my new MINI. 😍🚗

Even if my golf has proved to me over 10 years of faithful service, it was time for a change. Since the team is now grown and I like to go to the numerous gigs across Germany I wanted to be a slightly bigger, more comfortable car. It was important to me, however, that it does not lose the charm of a sweet small car.

The MINI simply combines both. I love the stylish look, the great new features like: connecting controls of your iPhone, the Navigation you can talk too or the automatic parking function. Of course the awesome Harman Kardon soundsystem, this is for me as a DJ a really important thing, to have a sound proofed audio system in the car. So I also can check my new productions.

I am just super happy with the car and I am looking forward to lot’s of great tours to the most hip clubs and festivals in the country.

A thousand thanks to the MINI Center Leipzig for this amazing car. 👏❤

I was also invited to play at the MINI Awards which were hosted in Leipzig this year. The pictures below show you the incredible location and the nice flair.

(Pic by Bertram Boelkow)